Scenarios – Victorian Mortgage Group


At VMG, we want to hear your story.

We understand that individual situations are not black and white, and dig deeper into the details to understand the shades of grey. Here are some of the people like you who we have helped to get the loans they needed when the banks said no…

  • Applicants recently returned from extended overseas visit to sort out pressing family matters. Had no income for some months and used credits cards for living expenses. Have returned to previous jobs and we have consolidated all debts, 6 credit cards and a personal loan, to help them get ahead.
  • Client had a business for 2 years, last years financials showed a loss, and this year they were able to provide us business trading statements and six months BAS statements which showed a return to profit. VMG were able to refinance existing lender, provided funds to expand their business and purchase new equipment-machinery.
  • VMG partnered with a debtor finance facility to leverage further equity from the Director’s residential property. Result? Short term cash flow solution provided and additional equity provided to assist with growth.
  • Regional hotel business required additional capital for renovations. Each Director accessed equity in their residential property to fund the business improvement. Problem solved.
  • Self-employed mechanic looking to refinance & purchase equipment for his business. Good repayment history, one default to council for rates. Return for 2013 lodged, but 2014 still with accountant. Profit & loss provided for the period. Has good MYOB records & bank statements show strong cash flow. Approved refinance & cash out for business expenditure.
  • Accountant had clients looking at refinancing their home to invest in shares. Property was valued at 500k with a mortgage still remaining of 250k. 2013 tax returns showed clients should service a loan of 400k. VMG were able refinance the loan at 400k giving them 150k to invest with.
  • Client ran a cleaning business employing up to 20 staff. It was all a bit much to manage and keep track of. He wound up the business and for the last 2 years has concentrated on a couple of contracts the family can do themselves. Has a default for private school fees incurred as the old business was being finalised. We have refinanced all his debts to give him a fresh start.
  • Applicant has just been through a messy separation. Home was sold and a number of defaults cleared from the proceeds. Has contracted to purchase a new home but could not finance due to the defaults recorded. We have approved finance to complete the purchase.
  • Young professional buying first home. Had a few telco and utility defaults from when he was at university. Had small deposit and a gift from parents. Have approved an 80%LVR loan to complete the purchase.
  • Self employed applicant, clean credit, full tax returns available and good repayment history on existing debts had a $200K tax debt. Banks would not look at this deal. We refinanced his Home loan and tax debt to 75% LVR. (Most importantly because the tax debt was not overdue the loan was done at reasonable rates of interest).